Hi, I’m Cassie! I’m a wife of almost 10 years and mama bear of two spunky little people under 5. I’m from a small town in VA and moved to Charlotte after college. My blog will be a curation of my passions: family, photography, interior design, travel, fashion you can actually live in, fitness and my faith in Jesus.

I’m a messy perfectionist and generally prefer the more endearing term “creative”. My thoughts are not organized so I have a sneaking suspicion you’ll find my writing to be the same. I’m hoping this space will allow me to feel more grounded and less internally jumbled ALL the time.

After some encouragement from friends and family, the idea for this community was born. My heart craves a safe space where women can be themselves and unwind. I hope to build it so you’ll leave encouraged and blessed. My worst fear is to create another place where you feel you simply just don’t measure up.

Please remember, behind every glossy photo is a pile of mess. Literally. While one of these shots were taken my disheveled side table hosted some opened mail, my husband’s favorite mug filled with cold coffee, toys, tissues, newspapers, etc. The photographer in me had to crop it out because they were simply visually distracting from my sweet family’s faces. So don’t feel bad about your mess. I have it too. Let’s begin our friendship by celebrating our beautiful imperfections. Together. In community. Let’s go.

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