Today was a rare treat in the Queen City. A SNOW DAY! As a girl who grew up in the mountains, snow is a part of every one of my favorite childhood memories. For my kids, snow is something that happens once a year for about 2 hours if we’re lucky. For the first time ever, we were totally prepared with snow bibs to boot. Poor Cole usually sports some pjs, rain boots and socks for mittens so today felt like win in the mom category. Before Christmas I blacked out at Target (you know you do it too) and picked up some Cat and Jack Snow Bibs. I’d been saving them and planning to give them as a suprise when we take the kids snowtubing next month. However, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try them out for a few minutes today.

Despite these photos, my kids were very sick and we spent about 12 minutes outside in the snow. We had enough time to build a tiny snowman, go for one ride in the sled and throw a few snowballs. After that we went inside for lunch and headed out to the children’s ER. Both our primary and urgent care options were closed for the day and Cole desperately needed some steroids for his cough. A longer story for another day but this mama couldn’t take another night of breathing treatments and feeling helpless with her boy. To top it off, the hubby is traveling for work so my saintly sister-in-law sat patiently with me in the ER while we managed both kids.

All that to say, the conditions weren’t ideal for our “perfect snow day” but we still managed to fit in some fun. Hope you got out there and had some too! Any favorite traditions you have with your family? I’d love to hear in the comments.

As you can tell, building a snowman is very serious business to these two.

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