28575710_10102813747459643_4275686545746186406_nA few weeks ago my husband secretly told our amazing committee chair that Ellie Holcomb is basically my hero and it would mean the world to me to meet her at our Young Life Banquet in Charlotte. So in the midst of throwing a 700+ person banquet and ensuring ALL the things were going as planned, Terri made it happen. She came and found me at my table so I could have 30 seconds to meet and hug Ellie. ⠀

Ellie Holcomb embodies everything I strive to be. Authentic, brave, and willing to talk about the hard things in a society that values the sparkly and put together. She sings with all of the her soul and it changes people. ⠀

I play her songs ALL day, EVERY day in my house. Her music visibly lifts my mood. My favorite is to walk in a room and hear my daughter subconsciously humming Ellie’s songs. ⠀

I listened to Magnolia so much last year that it made me want a third child just so I could name her Magnolia and call her Maggie. If we are ever blessed with another child, you’ll know where the namesake comes from. ⠀

Her song “Fighting Words” unveils all the lies we tell ourselves everyday. If you haven’t heard it, go download right now. Play it when you need it most.

Ellie also announced that she’s selling these adorable baseball tees just for this song. I’m pretty sure I need one in my closet. You can get yours here.

“Fear is like a broken record, same old songs of accusation play⠀
Like, “who are you to speak the truth, just look at all your failures and mistakes”⠀
And “If they really knew you, there’s no way they could love you anyway”⠀
Oh-oh-ohh, but I will…⠀

Fight the lies with the truth, oh-ohh⠀
Keep my eyes fixed on You⠀
I will sing the truth into the dark⠀
I will use my fighting words⠀
Oh-oh-ohh, fighting words⠀

The enemy keeps talking, telling me to hide my face in shame⠀
Whispering that everything I’ve done will drive the Father’s love away⠀
Saying, “It’s too late for hoping, that something in your heart could ever change”⠀
Oh-oh-ohh, so I will…⠀

My debt is paid up⠀
I’ve been set free and⠀
You gave Your life up to rescue me⠀
You say that I am⠀
Worth fighting for and⠀
Grace is like waves that keep crashing on the shore!”

Thank you Ellie, for your music and your ministry. Thank you for sharing your story at Charlotte’s banquet. You really were made for this.⠀


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