IMG_0341I’m sure you’ve seen it by now, but Target’s new Opalhouse Collection is so gorgeous. I have been toying with the idea of wallpaper in my entryway for several months but hadn’t been able to take the plunge because the price point of my favorite designs was just out of reach. The day before my sinus surgery, I was doing some retail therapy at Target and came across these stunning patterns. I was originally only planning for one room but fell so in love with three of their patterns that I decided to just go for it in multiple rooms.

My mom is basically a jack of all trades when it comes to decorating: she recovered my nursery glider, sewed custom roman shades for Avery’s room, and now wallpapered for about 30 hours while I was recovering from my surgery. Seriously, she’s incredible; I haven’t mastered any of those things thus far but I’m so thankful for all her help to bring my visions to life. She is SO talented.

For our entry, I chose the Opalhouse Pineapple Peel and Stick Wallpaper . Of the three prints we used, this one was the most difficult to line up so it’s probably not the best choice for your first wallpaper project if your thinking of trying it. We also replaced my light fixtures with Mercer41’s Semi-flush that’s currently on sale at Wayfair for only $69!


I have also been wanting to use one of Joanna Gaines’ new paints. I could use all of them they’re so beautiful but I chose Magnolia’s Ella Rose for our entryway. It’s a gorgeous shade of blush and the quintessential shade of “millennial pink”. I went with the eggshell finish because I was painting it myself and it’s masks imperfections easily.

IMG_9984I love how the accent wall of Opalhouse Canary Floral Peel & Stick Wallpaper really transformed my laundry room to feel like a room rather than just a breezeway that I walk to in between my garage and kitchen. It made the space so much brighter and really made the painted cabinets pop! We also replaced the light fixture because the old one was too large and always getting in the way of our laundry shoot. I was terrified the old fixture was going to crash on the floor one day with one wrong move with a heavy pair of jeans. We found a great replacement fixture from Lowe’s for less than $15.

IMG_0005This is my powder room on the main floor of my home. We painted it when we first moved in but it still needed a little something extra. It’s a very small space so I didn’t want to use the Florida Dilly Peel and Stick on all the walls for fear it would feel like the room was closing in on you every time you went to the loo! We accidentally broke the old fixture when we were removing it for the accent wall but found this crystal one at Lowe’s for under $100 and I’m kind of obsessed with the way it looks in the space.

There you have it: three different wallpapers that won’t break the bank and lights fixtures to boot. I would highly advise hiring a wallpaper hanger if you’re able because it is pretty complicated process that’s extremely time consuming. For reference I painted two coats of the entire entry way in the same amount of time my mom was able to paper a quarter of the space.



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