cassie-andy-anniversary-88My husband I chose to spend our 10th wedding anniversary at Banff National Park because we could NOT believe those gorgeous blue waters actually existed. The anticipation of going to Moraine Lake was so high that I could hardly wait until day 2 of our trip to Banff to see it and Lake Louise. Prior to our trip, a quick photo on Instagram during the ski season at Lake Louise really caught my eye, and I took a screenshot of it for later as a bucket list destination. Never in a million years did I think we’d actually see it with our own eyes a year later. To say the views in Banff National Park met my expectations is a complete understatement and I can only hope these photos will convince you to add it to the top of your list.

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The easiest and most basic hike you can do at Moraine Lake is the Rockpile Trail. It takes no time to reach the top and delivers those classic views you see of Moraine Lake. However, please don’t stop there. Moraine Lake offers SO many stunning scenes and you would truly miss out if you didn’t take the time to explore further.




Our longer hike at Moraine Lake was the Consolation Lakes Trail. Most people opt for Larch Valley, which gifted us a quiet walk through the woods on a less crowded trail and ended with these incredible rocks to climb and have picnic on.



Another easy walk around Moraine Lake is the Moraine Lakeshore Trail. It starts at the lodge and allows you to capture the lake from so many different angles. This is also where you’d rent your canoe if you’re interested in trying it during your stay in Banff!





For more short day hikes in the Moraine Lake and Lake Louise area, check out this list .

Planning Your Visit

Moraine Lake and Lake Louise are some of the most popular destinations in all of Banff National Park. Moraine Lake’s parking lot is TINY and we were told completely fills up by 6:00 am. My best guess is a lot of photographers camp out to capture the morning sunrise or those doing longer day hikes like to get an early start. Either way, the best place to park before 8:30am is at Lake Louise because the lot is bigger and offers a shuttle to Moraine Lake. If you arrive after 9am you’ll likely be parking at the overflow lot which is about 15 minutes before you get to Lake Louise. There will be signs directing you to it if the primary lots are already full. Never fear they also have shuttles, it’s just parking at one of the lakes is slightly more convenient.

Lake Louise


We hiked and explored Moraine Lake first and then went over to visit Lake Louise. After taking a few photos of Lake Louise, we stopped inside The Fairmont and had drinks and a yummy dinner at The Alpine Social. I highly recommend reservations. We were able to walk right in and sit at the bar but it does fill up quickly.




Thanks for stopping by! If you’ve enjoyed my photos, please don’t steal them. I’ve had a few ask for prints already and if you’re interested in blowing them up, message me and I’m more than happy to share for a small fee.

Stay tuned for more of our adventures in Banff and Jasper in the coming posts.

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