When thinking about my daughter’s upcoming 6th birthday, and all the things she loves, I stumbled upon the idea to host a beautiful tea party that’s as special as she. Only two weeks out from our date, I stayed up late one night and spent 3 hours scouring Pinterest, Amazon, and Esty to create a simple but perfect party fit for our princess and her best gals. This is the first birthday planning I’ve done in my *almost* 6 years of parenting that didn’t send me into a complete tizzy so I thought I’d share my source list in case there are any other moms out there who totally panic when party time comes around each and every year.


On the day of the party, I hopped over to Target to pick up a few last minute items, and found the cutest pack of faux pearl necklaces. I placed them on a dessert plate in my entryway along with a sign that said “please take one”. Avery was SO cute and awaited each girl’s arrival and loved slipping the little necklaces over their heads.

To keep the second half of the party a surprise, I closed my dining room doors and had the girls go straight into my kitchen to start off with some basic coloring while we waited for everyone to arrive. To keep with the theme I found these super sweet and FREE Disney Printables: Cinderella, Sofia the First, and this adorable coloring sheet from Beauty and The Beast. The girls were so happy to be sitting together, chatting and coloring, I honestly couldn’t believe it.

Once everyone arrived, with some help from my mama friends, the girls made necklaces and bracelets with a bead set I found on Amazon. We had a few hiccups keeping them tied, but overall it was a big hit! I loved watching the girls attention to detail and focus as they selected their patterns and shapes.

After we finished with the beads, we played one game of Tea Party Bingo I found on Etsy. The printables were only $5, adorable and so easy to use! I picked up three little things from the dollar bin at Target to use as the prize. Our sweet winner was so gracious she decided to wait until she got home to open it.

After we finished the game, it was time to lead the girls into the tea party. To make it more dramatic, I hung some more streamers in the doorway to make the girls feel as if they were being transported into a magical world. Avery’s beaming smile made all the hours of preparation and decoration worth it!

Because not all the girls knew each other, I used place cards for the seating. This way each girl was guaranteed to be sitting next to at least one familiar friend. I didn’t want any of them to feel uncomfortable or out of place for even a moment, and honestly it made them feel so big and important to know a seat was saved especially for them. A simple detail that I felt went a long way.

After that I served the snacks and poured the pink lemonade into their pink teacups. The girls were so bashful with all of the adults standing in the back corners of the room, so I asked if they’d like to be left alone for their girl talk and they politely squealed yes! After about 10 minutes of silly giggles, I went back in to refill their drinks and started preparing the cupcakes.

Once we sang happy birthday and the girls finished their dessert, they ran upstairs to Avery’s room to play until pick up time.

It was literally the smoothest party I’ve ever hosted and it really was so simple. Whenever there is a gaggle of kids in my house I start to panic about how to entertain them and for once it just super natural and fun! I may have gone a little over the top with the decorations but I just couldn’t resist- I wanted to create a setting a little girl (or woman!) would dream about and remember always.

Games and Activities




So there you have it! An easy peezy list to throw your own practically perfect princess tea party. It was truly a magical afternoon for our little love and I wish you the very best luck in yours.


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