Hi everyone! It’s that time again! I’ve just launched my new registration link for Fall Porch Minis- $75 for 15 minutes and a digital gallery of 15 images for you to download and print at your convenience. My style is more candid so if having that one shot of everyone looking is really important to you please let me know before we begin.

To maximize the quality of your images, please select a time slot when the sun is NOT directly facing your front porch. We do not want any squinty eyes or strange shadows so please consider this first! If you are 15 minutes outside of Olde Providence, please sign up for 2 slots. 

Once registered, please pay for the session in full within 24 hours. Use the PayPal link below.

I recommend neutral colors that are not overly coordinated. If you plan to hang these images in your home, consider your existing design color pallet and choose your outfits accordingly. Try to avoid really busy or tiny prints so they don’t distract from your beautiful faces. You can be as dressed up or as casual as you like! Remember you want these to match your family’s vibe.


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Thanks for choosing me to be to capture your family. It is an honor and privilege that is very near to my heart.


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