If you’re anything like me, Covid-19 wrecked havoc on your fitness routine. When it appeared that gyms wouldn’t be reopening any time soon I pivoted to create a setup in my own home that would inspire me to stay active.

During the first few weeks of Quarantine in early 2020, Peloton offered an amazing 90 day free trial to their digital app. Within the first few strength training work outs I was totally hooked. I couldn’t believe the quality of instruction, the fact that I could see an entire playlist before I committed to the workout and the variety of fitness class options they offered!

I really think Peloton should be applauded for how well they’ve handled Covid and made home fitness accessible for families. It is easily what has saved my sanity these past 9 months. The instructors have been vulnerable about how they’re feeling during this time of isolation and they even had rides to support Black Lives Matters during the protests. Hearing the instructors talk about what COVID has been like for them has helped me feel less alone and process some of my own emotions while I’m working out. Each class has truly been for both my body and mind.

If you haven’t checked out their app, it’s only $14 a month and you can access it via your iPad, Amazon Fire Stick, and your Apple Watch. I believe they are currently offering a 2 month free trial. Peloton has cardio classes you can do with just a mat, outdoor runs/walks that you can listen to on your phone or watch, full body and core strength training, cardio dance classes, yoga, pilates, boot camps, stretching to be done before/after your workouts, meditation and obviously live and replayed spin classes.

The outdoor runs are amazing! The coach is in your ear telling you when to pick up the pace or slow down and encourages you to stay strong to the finish line. I haven’t done an outdoor walk class yet, but I imagine it would be the same. It’s perfect if you need a little encouragement to get off the sofa and start making progress towards your fitness goals.

Before having the app myself, I had a lot of friends who raved about their Peloton bikes and how much they enjoyed the rides. Because I loved all of the other classes, I decided I really wanted to experience their spin classes but I wasn’t willing to pull the trigger on a $2k+ investment. So the scrappy little consumer I am, I researched ways to recreate the Peloton experience but with items all purchased on Amazon. I believe my total investment was around $600 because I already had an old iPad and Apple Watch to use with it.

Basic Equipment:

The bike: I sourced three different options for you to compare and decide what’s best for you and your budget. As you can see, I went with a SUNNY and I later swapped out the caged pedals for clip-ins.

1. Sunny Bike 

2. L Now Indoor Cycle with Tablet Holder 

3. Schwinn IC3 Indoor Bike

Tablet Holder

Sunny Exercise Mat

Shimano PD Pedals 

SPD Indoor Cycle Shoes


Comfy seat

Exercise Mat


I would suggest acquiring some light, medium and heavy weights whatever that means for your fitness level. I personally use my 3s for barre class, then 10s, 15s, and 20s for strength classes. I would love some 12s but I haven’t been pulled the trigger on them yet. Honestly, with everyone working out from home you have to jump on a set of weights if you see them become available because they are really hard to source. 

I was fortunate enough to already have 3s, 5s, 8s, and 10s at home before the pandemic and added the heavier weights once our playroom replaced my YMCA gym.  I would check all major retailers and set alerts if there is a certain set you’re after. Here are some from Amazon linked below although I think most are currently out of stock.

AmazonBasics 10lb Dumbbell 

AmazonBasics Handweight Set with Stand

Amazon Basics Pair of 20 lb Dumbbells 


Digital app subscription

Wahoo Cadence monitor

Apple iPad 

Amazon Fire stick or an Apple TV (if you’d like to cast your rides from your iPad to your tv)

Small tv  I repurposed an old tv from my master bedroom! I use the tv for ALL of the classes I take that aren’t on the bike. It makes it SO much easier to see and do what the instructors are teaching.

Amazon basics tv mount

This has worked out so well! It was easy to install and swivels perfectly. I put it flush up to the wall while I’m on my bike and turn it when I switch to strength training.

Generation 3 Apple Watch

Other misc. items:

I am probably a big baby, but the balls of my hands kept getting uncomfortable while they were resting on the handlebars. I always felt like I needed an extra cushion or something so keep me from squirming. I added this $12 wrap to the handlebars and it was a game changer. It is SO much more comfortable for my hands now.

I repurposed a rug that has moved around my house several times. It is perfect for adding a little extra cushion on my wood floors to save my back and knees and helps keep my mats from sliding around! Try to source something fun that draws you into that space. My rug is from Target’s Opalhouse collection.

Last but not least, there are a million Peloton groups on Facebook! Find one you like and use it for accountability. One of the groups I’m in posts a monthly calendar of strength workouts to do. This makes it SO easy and so you don’t even have to think about to choose that day. I’ve linked it here! I think you go to their group files to find the PDF. On good months I remember to go to the group, print it out and tape it to my wall for accountability! I like to put Xs on days I completed.

Remember, IF you want to see REAL change on your body, be sure to add strength classes into your routine!! Cardio alone will not do the job. For the sake of time, I LOVE the HIIT rides because it’s a great workout in only 20 minutes so I have lots of time left for weight training. I also really like the 45 minute bike bootcamp classes! Give them a try and let me know what you think!!

I think that’s everything! Feel free to comment any additional questions below and let me know how it goes for you!!

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