OKKKKK, so three of my favorite things collided in this shoot: creative mama, styling, and branding! I absolutely adore seeing mamas in their work element and LOVE providing them with images for their promotional items, social media and websites. I 1000000% want to do more sessions just like this! As Jessica said, she can now spend her time planning her feed rather than always creating in the moment for it! Perhaps, one day I will be able to do the same for myself! HA!

I was first introduced to Jessica through a mutual friend who is one of my biggest cheerleaders! I have always loved silhouettes and had ones made of my first two kids when they were teeny tiny. When I had Asher I knew I’d want one of him too to add to my collection. Jessica did an absolutely stunning job for me and captured all of his sweet details that mattered most. I also gave them out as gifts and the grandparents adored them just as much as I did.

My grandmother always had my silhouette in a gold frame next to her rocking chair that she sat in EVERY day and it meant so much to me. As an overly emotional and sentimental lady I had to have the same! I think of her every time I see the silhouettes of my own children and it brings me great joy.

Jessica is SUPER talented and creates beautiful prints as well as silhouettes. CHECK HER OUT!


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