I had so much fun working with Terri on this branding session. We had about 10 outfits to choose from and picked those that went best with her brand mood board. You should always go into your branding session with your brand colors and image in mind and take photos you’ll be excited to post and write about! Above ALL else they should reflect YOU so your clients can feel connected to your brand.

Terri is a small business cheerleader and the ultimate organizer to help you get your business in tip top shape! I swear she’s 10 humans packed into one tiny body and we all need her in your life! You can follow her along at www.terriflannagan.com and on Instagram @terrimflannagan.

These are my favorite sessions to shoot because of my background in marketing and PR. I love to use my brain this way and hope to book lots more of these in the future! Send me an email for package pricing!

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