I am not a party planner. Just the thought of putting an event together makes my head spin. Both of my children have winter birthdays so when you remove our backyard from the play equation for a dozen kids, I get a little queasy.

When we’ve hosted birthday parties at our house I usually spend an entire day cleaning and just as much money on party decorations, snacks, activities, and favors. By the time the guests arrived I am exhausted and stressed which makes it difficult for me to just relax and enjoy it.

My daughter loves all things painting and crafting so I decided to do something a little different this year. We hosted her 5th birthday party at Noah’s Art (SouthPark) and had a phenomenal experience. It was so simple- from booking it to just showing up with a birthday cake, candles and some juice packs. I don’t think we’ve ever had such a stress free birthday. As a bonus- mom’s could choose to drop off and have their own hour and a half of fun.

When we arrived they had a chalkboard outside with Avery’s name so it was clear we were in the right place. The space was also super clean despite another party ending just 10 minutes before we started. Three fun teachers were there to help facilitate the festivities and keep the party moving.

The children colored a birthday banner and multiple “under the sea” themed crafts, painted on easels, had their hands painted, and were engaged the entire time. I’m not sure about you but I consider that a feat in itself! Once they’d completed their crafts, my daughter had a special march to leave her handprint on the birthday wall. She thought this was super cool and I know it will be a sweet memory for her if we come back to try an art class.

The party ended after everyone enjoyed a delicious slice of cake from JoJo’s Bakery Co. My sister-in-law makes the best cupcakes/cakes in Charlotte and I’m not saying that because we’re family. I haven’t been able eat another cupcake without it falling short to any of hers! Seriously.

All that to say, it was the smoothest and funnest party we’ve had yet. I’m so thankful Avery was able to share her memorable day with such sweet friends. Thank you again to everyone who made it such a special day for our girl!


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