Today, I am so excited because I am introducing you to Logan. I shared with you a few weeks ago that my heart is really to curate a community where women can share their passions and stories behind them. She kindly agreed to be the first of my collaborations.

I wanted to start off by saying that I am not affiliated with doTERRA and Logan did not ask or pay me to write her story. Please read: I am not here to sell you oils. So before you start rolling your eyes because of another “direct marketing scheme”, I’d ask you to stop scrolling and keep reading. I am here to tell you the story of a mama who works her side hustle out of her living room with her third baby on her lap. Can anyone else relate to that? Good, I thought so. 🙂

I cannot remember whether I first met Logan at our neighborhood pool or a large playdate, but we run in a lot of the same circles and I’ve always been drawn to her kindness and authenticity. I love that she was just herself when she knew I was coming over to take some photos and conduct the interview: yoga pants, messy bun, striped socks and all. I mean, doesn’t that just speak volumes to the type of person she is? The best part is she is totally glowing and so beautiful when she shares her heart. Logan is genuine, knows who she is, what she wants for her family and she’s not afraid to run toward it.

Logan’s Story

Originally from the small town of Shelby, NC, Logan moved to Charlotte about 12 years ago after finishing up her undergraduate degree in psychology and master’s degree in counseling at UNC-Chapel Hill. Being from North Carolina, the “big city” of Charlotte was a natural fit for her to lay down her roots. She came to Charlotte for a counseling job at Myers Park High School where she worked for seven years. When I asked Logan what she missed the most she said, “Mentoring the students and knowing the potential impact I had on their lives.” After hearing her passion for mentorship and education, it made perfect sense of why she’d seek out a business where she could do the same. Instead of impacting high school students, she’s now changing the lives of families by helping equip them in their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

In her post-graduate life, she began attending and got really involved at Forest Hill Church in Charlotte. Along the way she joined a few life groups, led some and then eventually met her husband Jason at a Forest Hill Life Group event.

Logan and Jason dated for a year, got engaged, married and then found out they were pregnant before they celebrated their first wedding anniversary in July. “We both agreed that the hardest part of the early days of marriage was learning how to come together and form a family unit modeled after our love of Christ,” said Logan.

Coincidentally, both Logan and I recently made the decision to switch churches and start attending the little church just outside our neighborhoods called Hope Community Church. Jason and Logan were drawn to it’s smaller size, community culture, and felt really connected to Matt Hamm’s authenticity and transparency in his preaching.

A few weeks ago at church Logan asked me how everything was going. I proceeded to describe all of the allergy symptoms my son and I have been dealing with over the past few years. Logan patiently listened and she shared that her husband found allergy relief with a rollerball that simply combines a few essential oils. I was immediately intrigued.

My background in oils prior to this interview was just the use of doTERRA’s “Breathe,” “OnGuard,” and Lavender oil that I diffused occasionally at night in my son Cole’s bedroom. I wasn’t using anything consistently and honestly felt very overwhelmed at how to even pursue more natural treatments at home. I had been following Logan’s Facebook group, Living Well with Logan, for a while and knew she would be a great resource for my family.

I personally felt very intimidated to try and jump in on my own so I attended one of the educational sessions she hosted at her house and asked if I could take a couple photos. I figured maybe there are other moms out there who are severely struggling with allergies, anxiety or sleep deprivation who are interested in adding something else into the regimen. You may see great results or no results with the oils, but I always think trying new things is worth a shot.

One of Logan’s favorite aspects about using the oils is getting the kids involved and modeling a pro-active lifestyle. She’s taught them how to safely use them and they love putting OnGuard on their feet every night. Logan believes, “You don’t have to overhaul everything at the same time. By making small, simple changes along the way, you can avoid being overwhelmed, and see a big difference long term.”

Getting Started with doTERRA’s Essential Oils

Logan was always drawn to a lifestyle of health and wellness. She started with just exercise then educated herself about the effects different foods have on our bodies and the role they play in many health issues today. After doing some research, she found gut health can play a major role in many autoimmune diseases, learning disabilities, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, and even cancer.

Logan started seeing a Naturepathic doctor after her second child was born. She was having a lot of sleep and hormonal issues and wanted to get pregnant again at some point in the future. Her first two, Emma and T.J., were only 23 months apart so she wasn’t anticipating this difficulty when they wanted a third. Incorporating the use of oils really peaked when she saw her new doctor, and he used oils on her. He also put her on a strict whole food diet; no gluten or dairy to help reduce inflammation and absorb more nutrients to heal her gut. This process really opened her eyes and gave her a whole new perspective on whole foods and the positive impact they can have in your daily life.

Because she was achieving such a great results with the dietary changes and oils, she started taking her kids to see the Naturepathic doctor as well. He was he first one to show her how oils could even help kids with ear support and ear aches. When she saw it working, Logan thought it was really fascinating.

She said, “You see, four years ago essential oils were not a big thing; but I had a friend who was just getting into it too, so I began researching and playing around with them. I got connected with others who were using oils and we saw a huge impact on our families. Our daily uses include colds, coughs, allergies, earaches, and even sleep issues. I was having so many sleep problems that I started having anxiety about sleep and had to go on medication for it. With the use of the oils for myself, I was able to replace the medication dependancy.” However, she understands not everyone can replace medication with oils and your doctor should always be consulted before making such a change.

“After everything, it became natural to me to want to share this whole picture lifestyle with my friends. I wanted to empower them with natural solutions that compliment modern medicine. I like that oils are pro-active and work at a cellular level, helping get to the root cause of an issue; unlike traditional medicine, which is typically focused on symptom management,” said Logan. 

After a while, her husband Jason became a big believer when he started using the oils for his allergies. He was the one who encouraged her to start selling essential oils with doTERRA because they were both passionate about their results. Jason felt it was win/win for their family because she could both help people and contribute to their finances.

Why doTERRA and Beautycounter

Logan chose doTERRA over other brands or just picking up oils off the shelf at a store for several reasons. “doTERRA is the only oil company that sources all of their oils where they are naturally grown. This is a game changer because it changes the therapeutic value of an oil which affects how well the oil will work. There is a reason hospitals such as John Hopkins, Vanderbilt and Duke have chosen to use doTERRA essential oils in their research and practice,” stated Logan. “This practice of co-impact sourcing allows doTERRA to support farmers around the world and contribute to their economic growth. doTERRA’s oils are also third party tested and put to rigorous screening processes so you know that they are pure and not filled with any artificial ingredients or chemicals (unlike many you see on the shelf).” 

Logan felt another important factor when considering what oils to choose for your family is, “The support you will get in your oil journey. doTERRA’s community and team of oilers are amazing.” As mentioned before, Logan’s passion for education and mentoring really aligned with doTERRA’s model and goals. She loves setting people up for success when they’re embarking on their journey into these lifestyle changes.

A few years ago both Jason and Logan’s moms were diagnosed with cancer so it really made her family question what toxins they were putting in and on their bodies. At that point Logan made the switch to safer household cleaners that she either makes herself or buys from doTERRA. She also added Beautycounter into her product offering because so many of her doTERRA clients were asking what type of make up, baby products and skin care routines were safe to use. It was a natural fit because she felt Beautycounter’s products were also both safe and high performing.

Avoiding Burn Out

On average Logan spends about 10-15 hours per week managing her business. Because she’s such an achiever this can sometimes be hard for her when she knows there are more things she could be doing to grow her business. However, it’s most important to her that she set hard boundaries in her time so she doesn’t get burned out and can keep her children as her biggest priority.

In addition to office hours, each night she plans and prioritizes three tasks to accomplish the next day. She only plans one task in each category: family, business and personal. After that, she lets it all go. “Balance is an illusion. There will always be seasons where one area demands more focus than the other,” said Logan. She feels that giving herself grace in such a busy season of life with her young kids is what will allow her to continue her businesses for the long term.

“I could not do this without Jason. He believes in the oils and in me. He supports me by taking care of the kids one day a week so I can focus on my business. It works for us and I’m so thankful for him.”

Can we get an amen, to all the husbands behind strong women who help out with childcare, support and encourage them along the way? I can’t help but feel they are the unsung heroes of this pro-women movement in our society. I love that she knows it’s a partnership between them and acknowledges all he does to help her make it happen.


“My favorite scripture is Jerermiah 29:11,” said Logan. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

As much as I want to plan out everything, God’s plans are so much bigger. Even though I can’t see what the future holds, if I’m obedient daily to the grander plan then it will work itself out. I remind myself of this verse when I get caught up in stress of life, and it makes me feel so much better.”

“My favorite songs are “Good, Good Father” because it tells me that He’s going to take care of me and “Come to the Altar” because we should always bring our messes to the cross,” said Logan. They bring tears to her eyes every time she listens to them.

Favorite Getaway from Charlotte

Blowing Rock
: Logan and Jason relish their time in the mountains and at Westglow Resort and Spa. Since they were married they’ve gone every 4th of July. They love going back to where they got engaged, Profile Hike at Grandfather Mountain, and always come back home from their trip refreshed because of the fun activities and the peaceful environment.

Recipes, Favorite Oils and Helpful Links

Make Your Own RollerBalls with doTERRA Essential Oils:

Roller balls

Recipes for OnGuard Hand Sanitizer Spray & All Purpose Cleaning Spray:

cleaning recipes

To keep it simple, I’ve linked the glass bottle containers for the roller balls and the spray bottles so you can easily find and purchase them on Amazon. See the helpful links section below.

When I attended Logan’s class, she made these energy balls (recipe below) and they were so delicious. If it was socially acceptable to eat the entire batch myself, I would have. Make sure you double the batch!

Wild Orange Energy Balls Recipe:

wild orange energy balls

To ask questions or if you’re ready to get started by incorporating essential oils into your home, contact Logan at for more great resources and purchase options.

Helpful Links:

Logan’s direct email:

Living Well with Logan” Facebook Group– A resource of recipes, news articles, product launches, lifestyle and whole food diet support

Find and follow her new Instagram account @livingwellwithlogan

Logan’s doTERRA website Logan’s Beautycounter website

RollerBall Containers from Amazon

Glass Spray Bottles from Amazon

Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil from Amazon


IMG_6947Logan and Elizabeth, business partners with doTERRA Essential Oils.

IMG_6908Educational class called Essential Oils 102


For those who don’t feel comfortable making their own, here are some of doTERRA’s pre-made rollerballs and cleaning products. To purchase with Logan, reach out here.

IMG_8087Jason and Logan with their three adorable children.

Thank you for sharing your story, family and passions with me. It was truly an honor and a privilege.

Love your sister in Christ,



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