IMG_3208This is Young Lives, a branch of Young Life completely dedicated to pairing mentors with teen moms in Charlotte. These mentors meet them where they are, walk beside them in their journey through the early days of motherhood and reflect the love of Christ in their lives. Young Lives just started it’s ministry in North Charlotte last year, and beginning this Fall, will have a staff member dedicated to South Charlotte.

During our photo shoot last week I gained the privilege of a front row seat to this ministry. These relationships are SO special and the faces of these young moms and their beautiful babies really made me reflect on how blessed I am in my motherhood. What would it be like to walk it alone without a husband, a support system in place, steady income, a home to call my own, wise friends pointing me to Jesus or a high school diploma? How scary would this world be? What is SO cool about this ministry is that these local mentors are building relationships with a group that’s often among us but unseen or forgotten.

Not only are the volunteer mentors and Young Lives staff caring for these teen moms and providing them with resources they need, but they’re falling in love with their babies too. The love between them was radiant during this shoot and when I think about it- the generational impact of this ministry is unlike any other.

Right now Young Lives is doing a fundraiser for their camp trip to Carolina Point in July. They’re selling these adorable “Life is Better Together” t-shirts as seen in these photos. If you’d like to show your support and care for teen moms, please consider purchasing one for you, (AND all your gal pals) or by giving a donation directly to the ministry.

If you’re in the South Charlotte area and would like to learn more, you’re in luck! Next week they’re hosting a vision casting event perfect for asking questions and finding out how you can get plugged in. RSVP here!

Thank you so much for all your support. Please share to any family or friends you think would love to help too. Life really is better when we’re together. Let’s wrap arms and care for these moms the way Christ would.







To Him be the Glory,


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