DSC_1965I go into every summer super ambitious about all the books I want to read during my “free” time. You know, now that I have zero child care, I think why not give myself lots of homework. šŸ˜‰ It’s a total dream to read them all but I do have a goal to stop the scroll and read something a little more meaningful. So here you have it: my summer reading list, perfect for indulging while your toes are dipped in the sand.

This is just a screenshot of a few of the books I recommended. I also included some fun surprises too so be sure to check out my full list. I chose books from a few different genres including a few children’s books if you’re in a slump with your kids. I mean I love Fancy Nancy but sometimes discovering a book about funny crayons can be really refreshing, too! If you’re intentional now before you leave for vacation, go ahead and reserve a few of these at your local library. If you’re a last minute gal like me, never fear, Prime to the rescue. I’ve linked them all here.

Happy Summer fellow nerds,


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