img_6094Ya’ll, I can’t even begin to tell you about the journey we’ve been on to try and get our kids interested in riding their bikes. For the first time ever, Avery is finally ready to put in the time to get behind the wheels and make progress!

A few years ago I bought a used and (unknowingly to me) very heavy pink Radio Flyer bicycle complete with the cutest little bell. Visually it was picture perfect but in reality a terrible choice for our girl. I should’ve known better from it’s lack of wear! It took her years to be strong enough to move the pedals so my mom guilt has been sky high because we never properly set Avery up for success.


Today her new Raleigh bike arrived and she couldn’t have been more excited to assemble it with her dad. We are using it as a strider bike until she gains confidence in her balance, and are hoping to add the new pedals soon. I scooped up these elbow and knee pads along with gloves, the other day while we were running errands to make sure my very cautious girl stayed comfortable.

Watching her go oh so slow but be so proud riding around at the school parking lot was such a sweet moment. Each time she fell she pointed to her Minnie Mouse protection and said, “Well it’s good thing I have these on!” HA!


Avery’s new interest in her bike has also reengaged Cole and I can’t wait to update you on their progress.


If you’re like me and felt very overwhelmed when it comes to choosing your children’s bikes, check out these resources from Two Wheeling Tots. My friend Doherty enlightened me and I hope it will help you too!


I knew about the uber popular Strider bike for toddlers but hadn’t done the research on what the next step should be. I was SO thankful for all of those in depth reviews and analysis to help us come up with the best bike that had the most bang for our buck. We chose the Raleigh’s 16 inch bike with hand brakes but I’ve also heard rave reviews about Woom Bikes but they were just out of our budget. Another more budget friendly line some other friends love is the Specialized brand.


I hope you’ll stay tuned for our progress. I think my favorite part was Avery feeling confident enough to say, “Look Mom, NO hands!” This was only possible because she was going at a snails pace but I was SO thrilled to her this happy on her bike. A moment like that has been years in the making!


“I don’t ride a bike to add days to my life. I ride it to add life to my days.” -Unknown




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