img_1505I will preface this by saying we’ve been to Orlando three times in three years and every time Andy has been heartbroken we haven’t gone to the Kennedy Space Center. He is a total space nerd and I love him for it. Since we were in Florida for a whole week in May and the kids are better ages, we decided to go for it.

Honestly, KSC was so much more kid friendly then I ever could have imagined. They arguably enjoyed this tour more than some of our days at Disney World. On site there are several restaurants choices as well as a covered play area for the kids to run wild. After many days of waiting in line, the freedom to run, jump and climb was incredible to them. This is perfect is one parent wants to spend a little extra time in one of the exhibits and the other is ready to go. You can take your kids out, relax at a covered picnic table and watch them play. Seriously, so easy!


We only paid to take the basic tour which ended up being the perfect amount of time for our group of six. We were trying to time it well as to dodge looming rainstorms. I’m not sure the kids would’ve lasted much longer anyway.



Nasa provided space suits for the kids to try on and take photos in. It was probably the cutest thing ever! They felt SO cool and authentic in them. I have a feeling Cole is going to be asking for a space suit for Halloween, just saying. We also had the opportunity to meet a real Nasa astronaut and have him sign our autograph books. The kids basically thought he was a celebrity.





Fair warning, I did not take them in to the Atlantis shuttle experience because I wasn’t sure how they would do in the locked room. I wasn’t sure what to expect since we’d never been there before and didn’t want to risk them panicking. We did really enjoy the building the housed it though. They had a few control centers to play with as well as a giant slide that all the kids seemed to enjoy!


If you’re headed to Orlando on your next family vacation, I would definitely suggest making time to add this to your itinerary! It was truly a crowd pleaser for both the kids and the adults.


As bonus, it was inspirational! Last night before bed, Cole told me he’s going to be an astronaut when he gets big. I told him if he’s a smart cookie and if he put’s his mind to it he can be anything! The day trip to KSP may have been worth it just for that alone.

If you check it out, let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear what you thought.

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” Neil Armstrong


Happy Travels!


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